Under the leadership of Sander Minco, the Morph Design team seeks improvement every day. We follow the trends, but we only select the elements that we believe add value. That always results in an own interpretation and it often turns out that we are not trend-followers, but trend-setters. That in itself is not the intentions, but the result of our critical way of dealing with form and function. And we are sincerely proud of that.


The most important task Morph Design set itself was to create and design that in no wat detracts from sleeping comfort, but which strengthens it by fitting the individuality of the environment. Designs that not only suit these times and my own taste, but also and especially the environments in which my customers feel comfortable. Words like ‘authentic’ and ‘honest’ might appear to be common concepts, but for me, they represent the telling of a special and personal story. Fitting into that story, on the one hand, are ‘souvenirs’ of the past, and on the other, our Morph Design beds that with their development history connect with the identity of our customers.


In addition to beds, Morph Design also designs complete spaces in which it is extremely pleasant to be; usually bedrooms, but also hotels, dayrooms, and offices. Such designs not only involve complete layouts, but also adjustments, for which styling claims the leading role; adapting furniture that is dated but deserves a second life, colour adaptations to give a space a new character and, last but not least, putting the furnishings together. A different chair or a new table can quickly make the difference. There is no large barrier to hiring us in; we believe that no assignment is too small.


Many people are uneasy about making an appointment with a designer or a stylist, but they shouldn’t be. Apart from the fact that it is our work. We love interiors in any form. We are passionate about our profession. That is why, at certain times on special days, you can come to Morph Design, without obligation, and have a half-hour’s relaxed brainstorming session. You can ask us to help you with a new colour for the wall, the choice of floor or floor covering, etc., but you can also use the session to orientate yourself if you are considering a complete metamorphosis. We first like to find out more about you and your desires, what your style is and/or what you like and dislike. Then, with you, we determine what the order of approach should be.